Free, Unlimited Reminders

Our simple site allows you to add, edit or remove as many reminders as you see fit for each of your vehicles.

Our defaults are set to MOT, Car Insurance and Tax, but you can add unlimited custom reminders too, like services planned in line with your vehicle's needs.

We’ll email you when the reminder is due, according to your requested notification settings. You can choose to receive reminders a day, week and/or month in advance.

All Your Service History in One Place

Browse, edit, add or delete services on the move – ServicePark is accessible anywhere you have internet access: on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Search with our powerful, intuitive built in search bar, to find what you need with ease.

Like to keep your original files? No problem, simply drag and drop pictures or invoices into your service record, or take a photo with your phone! 

No Fees

We’d like to think this explains itself.

Our service will remain free for users, now and forever.

Export to Excel

Prefer to view your history in Excel? Want to share with someone else?

Just one click of a button is all it takes!

Intuitive Search

Our powerful built-in search tool will let you find exactly what you’re looking for, and fast.

It’ll bring up every instance of your chosen phrase within that vehicle's service history – no need to use the exact term, but it’ll help narrow it down if you do.

Transferable Ownership

Add some value to your vehicles sale – provide a full, online service history with ServicePark.

You can easily and safely transfer vehicles to their new owner, right from MyGarage. You’ll just need their email address, and to provide them with a password.

We’re also working on a preview, so you can allow people a sneak peak at your vehicles history before purchase...

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!