What is ServicePark?

A completely free service developed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, to let you keep track of all your vehicles needs in one easily accessible location. Keep track of reminders, servicing, modifications and much more!

ServicePark is designed to work alongside your paper records, rather than replacing them. A very handy tool that enables you to search details of your vehicle's previous servicing. Equally useful at home or out and about.

Key Features

Free, Unlimited Reminders

Easily and quickly add reminders for those all important dates such as MOT, Tax and Insurance... anything you like!

All Your Service History In One Place

No more searching through endless folders of paperwork. Keep hold of all your important service and MOT history. Perfectly secure and accessible from anywhere in the World.

No Fees

We’re enthusiasts, not capitalists.

Export to Excel

At the click of a button, you can download all your service history in an Excel spreadsheet. Great for sharing with potential buyers!

Intuitive Search

Forgotten when your last service was carried out? Quickly and easily check with our intuitive search, letting you make the most of the information at your fingertips.

Transferable Ownership

Sold your pride and joy? Password protected transfers allow you to make sure the next owner can take care of it just as well as you.

How Is It Different?

We're car enthusiasts too, and needed a good system to keep on top of our own vehicles maintenance. ServicePark was born.

There are no charges for users of ServicePark, hidden or otherwise. This will not change.

Your security is our number one priority. ServicePark is 100% secure, and we guarentee your data will not be sold to any third party. It is possible to share a limited view of your service history over the web, but this is an optional setting and not enabled by default.

We welcome feedback – we want to give you the best site possible. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please click the button below to provide feedback.